Scholarships Essay Questions

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Conversely, if your essay is clear, thoughtful, and well-organized, they may feel that offering you a scholarship might seem a safe bet and productive use of money.

Here are some tips for writing clear essays that make the mark: Read each application’s essay prompt several times to make sure you know what it is asking of you.

These points should collectively respond to the writing prompt in the application.

For example, if the prompt asks you to: The conclusion is the inverse of the introduction.

Capture your reader’s attention and set them up for what’s to come.

After you’ve created context, write one to two sentences that bridge the context you created with the purpose of the essay.Revise it a bit given what you’ve shared in the body of your essay.Then (briefly) restate the main points as evidence that you should receive the scholarship.Briefly state why you should receive the scholarship.Don’t simply cut and paste what you wrote in the introduction.This section is for students who are willing to do a little digging themselves.Below you will find a list of non-profit organizations that provide educational assistance to students.Here’s why: your words speak for who you’ve been in the past, who you are now, and who you will be in the future; said another way, they offer insight into what kind of student you might be on campus and how you might contribute to society at large.Your essay helps organizations assess if their scholarships to you will be an investment or a waste of money.(Hint: This should allude to the writing prompt.) For example, you might write, “This story is relevant because it launched three pivotal moments in my life that ultimately changed my path.” Or “When you read these facts, you might be surprised.I was too, but then I realized that they directly affected me. The argument is that they should give you the scholarship because of everything you’re about to share.


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