Scarlet Ibis Essay

Natural beauty plays a huge role in this story, from the vivid descriptions of the house and its surroundings, the swamp, the storm, the creek, and so much more, right to the beauty of the fallen scarlet ibis itself.

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The Narrator's persistence eventually brought a tragic end to Doodle 's life.

The Narrator's pride hurt his judgment, and he could not see that he was pushing his brother too hard. In this case the Narrator's pride ruined his ability to reason when it came to Doodle.

It can often be tempting to push ourselves and the people we love past their limits in the hopes of achieving a goal, just like what happened with Doodle and the narrator.

Sometimes this produces great results; after all, Doodle did learn to walk after working extremely hard.

When he pushes Doodle into learning physical skills, he threatens him with the thought of being different from everyone else when he starts school.

But "different" does not necessarily have to be bad; Aunt Nicey is the one person who consistently claims that Doodle's differences make him special, not a pariah.The Narrator's pride made him think of only himself and what he wanted, and made him forget those wants and needs of Doodle.Pride ruined the Narrator's perspective on Doodle.Without the support of his family or his brother, the person he looks up to most in the world, Doodle's strength was bound to leave him.At the end, following Doodle's death, the narrator realizes just how important his brother is to him, but by then it is far too late.This story illustrates the importance of family bonds, particularly those between brothers.Doodle clearly looks up to the narrator, but many times over the course of the story the narrator fails to be the caring and compassionate brother he should be; instead, he is more concerned with the implications of having a disabled sibling.He could not see or comprehend all the effects of his tough work and persistent teachings had on his brother.This warped view created by his pride made it seem like he didn't care about his brother at different parts of the story.Next, they believed that he would not be entirely sane because of his condition.Finally, they believed that he would never be able to walk. Even though Doodle ultimately could not overcome his physical limitations, his life was still an impressive story of beating the odds.


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