Saving The Mother Earth Essay

Mother Earth sustains all life on it, including us humans.

She provides all the food we eat and the material goods we use.

Despite the call by the United Nations to industrialized nations to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions, in the past few years, we've seen a continued increase of greenhouse gases.

If this goes on, our planet will continue undergoing destruction, jeopardizing the lives of all creatures, including us humans. Did you know that eating meat contributes to over half of the greenhouse gases?

World Watch Institute has reported that 51% of greenhouse gases are attributed to livestock and their byproducts1.

If we can cut down on our meat consumption, we can help reduce the problem.

The rising of the Earth's temperature has disrupted the order of Nature, resulting in abnormal climates and natural disasters.

The increasing global temperature is caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere trapping the Earth's heat.

Crops are destroyed as a result of drought or flooding, leading to food shortages and famine.

People lose their lives and their homes as a result of natural disasters.


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