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that, beginning in fall 2019, Stanford and Princeton will no longer require applicants to submit an ACT or SAT essay score.They join the ranks of Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and University of San Diego in waiving the requirement this year.

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This omission doesn’t strike us as a sound strategy if the objective is to get hired.

And consider what your chances would be if many other applicants for the position do what is recommended – and do it well – while you haven’t done it at all.

The essay score is part of the SAT's writing component, which includes three sections; the essay is the only part of the test's writing portion that involves actual composition.

The SAT writing section is scored from 200 to 800 points, based on the combined results of the essay and multiple-choice questions. C., Benjamin currently educates high-school students in grammar and writing skills.

There are two problems with the above, the first of which is the statement that only 18 colleges/universities require completion of the ACT essay (what ACT refers to as its “Writing Section”) or the SAT Essay.

(Because the ACT and the SAT are accepted interchangeably by virtually all colleges, we’ll focus on the ACT Writing Section in what follows.) Based on our own research on the ACT website, there are 44 colleges in New York, Texas, and California, alone, that require the ACT Writing section as part of the admissions process.

About the only scenario we can imagine in which students shouldn’t complete a SAT/ACT essay is if those students are absolutely certain that all of the schools to which they might conceivably apply won’t consider the score — and that’s likely something you’d discover only on a case-by-case basis by visiting individual college’s websites and/or contacting admissions at those schools.

So, as to our colleague’s statement, “It's time to stop telling students to write the ACT or SAT essay,” we disagree. College admissions offices are more than willing to set their record straight about their essay requirements.

The resulting acceptance rate of 4.3 percent is the lowest in Stanford’s history, down from 4.65 percent for the Class of 2021.

Additionally, 18.3 percent of Class of 2022 admits are first-generation college students, the highest proportion in Stanford’s history.“This change makes Stanford more accessible to students who choose to apply to the university,” Miranda wrote.


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