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While the girls explained that they suffered greatly in the presence of the accused, villagers maintained that their animals disappeared or were born with deformities once the accused visited their compounds.

It was clear that the judges believed that the women were guilty especially due to the questions which they asked them such as whether they had either seen Satan or whether they believed whether they were witches or not (Sutter, Para. The trial would have taken another course were it not for Tituba who confessed to the accusations.

The trial began when the two girls; Betty and Abigail named the people whom they thought were responsible for their misery.

Nevertheless, the analysis of the trial and accusations revealed that the two girls drafted their accusation stories collaboratively.

Other girls who were likewise afflicted maintained that they had seen witches flying during winter and were supported by the family of Putnam which was very prominent (Boyer and Nissenbaum pp. As highlighted in the introductory part, the first group to be accused was composed of three women namely Osborn, Good and Tituba.

While Osborn was old and querulous, Good was a beggar who never had a permanent dwelling place and survived mainly by begging for food and shelter from the villagers.They were using a makeshift crystal ball to foretell their future and were aided by a slave couple which had come from Western India.The first trial began on February in the year 1692 after the arrest of three women who were being accused of witchcraft. Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum which focuses on Salem Witch Trials.The writers explain that the problem began in the year 1691 and was marked by the behaviour of some girls in the same village who were involved in fortune telling.Consequently, due to her confession, the ministers started to look for more witches and majority of the witchcraft sceptic also became silent (Boyer and Nissenbaum pp. Some other women were accused of witchcraft especially after the girls reported that they were being attacked by them.Young girls were also accused of the same evil; as young as four years of age.To affirm, this dogs were given a cake that was mixed with the urine of the victim and in case the dog and victim displayed similar behaviour, it was concluded that the victim was actually bewitched.The number of the bewitched girls continued to increase and it turned out to be a matter of concern since villagers became obsessed with it.Villagers started to think more about witchcraft when close friends of the sick girl started to experience the same symptoms.The three girls who were experiencing similar symptoms were known as Mary Walcott, Mary Lewis and Ann Putnam.


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