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According to Ramsey English Cantu, the mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas "We continue to see ports of entries where people are smuggling drugs across because there isn't the necessary infrastructure. At the same time, in recent years drug cartel related violence has spiked in many northern Mexican cities and illegal drugs and undocumented immigrants continue to pass over the border undetected. In 2013 construction, manufacturing, meatpacking, food service, and maintenance are major sectors in the U. economy and also important employers of immigrant laborers. Meat producer Tyson Foods reported billion in revenue in fiscal 2012. Doug Oberhelman, Chairman and CEO of Caterpillar, Inc, an Illinois based company that earned .9 billion in revenues in 2012, has emerged as a pro-reform advocate.These are the things that need to be ultimately addressed." Residents are especially skeptical of spending on fencing. "We would have liked to see that money put to use for other things because, like I said, I can very easily show you where people walk around it, so why did we spend all that money? In her article for Izadi explains “Between 20, the federal government allocated .4 billion for construction of 670 miles of pedestrian and vehicular fences, with costs ranging between 0,000 and .1 million per mile.” But, according to border patrol rep Moran, “no fence is going to stop people who are determined to get into this country. The immigration debate is under way in the United States. In 1970 there were fewer than one million people in the U. “Providing consistent, reliable access to both high-skilled and low-skilled talent is critical to sustain our nation’s global competitiveness in many industries including healthcare, technology, manufacturing, hospitality, and tourism.Fernando Mejia, immigrant rights director of the Idaho Communicty Action Network, said “Republican Congressmen are slowly but surely backing a pathway to citizenship – not Rep.

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But that's not a border-security perspective.” Texas State Representative Poncho Nevarez, a Democrat whose house abuts the Rio Grande river, said that on the national stage, politicians "use the border, they see the area as a sword and a shield in politics, but we're human beings, we live down here.” "We shouldn't be pawns in this game to see who can get themselves elected because they can beat their chest more about how they secured the border," Nevarez added.

Laura Allen, the Republican county judge in Val Verde County Texas explained, "Ask me when was the last time we had to shut down our bridge because violence spilled over from Mexico.

It's not happening." Shawn Moran, the vice president of National Border Patrol Council, a union representing Border Patrol agents explained that most "people coming here, even if they're coming here illegally, they're coming here to work in agriculture or construction.

But there is a large group that is coming here to sell drugs or be part of criminal gangs and commit crimes.

is home to more than 14 million people from these countries. Builder Jacobs Engineering reported nearly $11 billion in revenue in 2012 and is poised for strong growth in 2013.

The bill not only enjoys broad, bipartisan consensus in the Senate, but also has the support of the U. Chamber of Commerce and the largest employee unions, while businesses from Silicon Valley to the industrial heartland are clamoring for an immigration system that satisfies the real-world needs of an America with aging demographics and anemic economic growth.” Facebook empresario Mark Zuckerburg, whose company earned .1 billion in revenues in 2012 and donates to both Republicans and Democrats, has emerged as a proponent for immigration reform.

As I examine this evolution and the conflict it has generated, I will devote special attention to undocumented immigrants: from the harsh treatment to which they were subjected during the Bush presidency to the conditions in which they have come to mobilize and have emerged as political actors, even to the point of transforming ideas of citizenship and related rights. Directives have already been given by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano that signal a will to tackle immigration issues.

Immigration reform, political analysts agree, is definitely on the agenda of the Obama administration and could seemingly be introduced into the U. Given the complexity of the task due to a high number of intertwined and sometimes contradictory economic, social and political factors, it is difficult to anticipate what the outcome will be.

The immigration debate is under way in the United States. In 1970 there were fewer than one million people in the U. We need reform that will provide opportunities for immigrants and foreign students to enter the U. and our workforce legally, attracting and keeping the best, the brightest, and the hard working," he announced during a recent public event.

While several prominent Republicans are calling for more focus on border security, Democrats are pushing for a legal pathway to citizenship and a focus on the current reality of the U. As billions of dollars of legal goods, as well as shipments of drugs and groups of undocumented immigrants continue to cross the U. border, immigration reform and border security have become a major topic of discussion. Parish Flannery @Lat Am LENS In a recent blog, Univision correspondent Fernando Espuelas explains “The Senate bill is a legislative solution that will help grow our economy, create more jobs and bring 11 million people out of the shadows.


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