Ryan Kalinowski Thesis

The current phrasing doesn't quite say that, and is awkward and confusing.

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Mathematics was one subject in which I had always excelled right from my school days.

Or do they mean "natural philosophical younghearts essay competition 2017 world in which "natural" modifies "philosophical" and not "world in which case the grammatically correct phrase would be "naturally philosophical world?

Through an analysis of newspaper articles, oral interviews, and archival sources, this thesis studies the way the community used the hotel as an expression of this role and its place in the city.

From its construction and opening during the Great Depression to its 1973 sale to a prominent local family to its current day status as a corporate entity, this thesis examines how this relationship developed and changed over the course of the hotel’s history.

"Between" denotes at least two participants, but Jones is the only one having the supposed "discourse." This too should be omitted.

It should be "mathematics." This information helps us to understand how we, as humans stay on the ground; we are matter as well and do have an invisible force weighing us down as we push against it and it pushes back against.

In response to recurring financial crises as well as environmental, climate and energy crises, a number of what are known as alternative, social, solidarity, local, allocated, complementary or plural currencies have emerged over the last 30 years.

These currencies propose alternative mechanisms for creating and managing money.

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