Rutgers Admission Essay 2011

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The sun was shining at the beginning of our trek, but now it is hidden behind the peaks.

The chill from its absence felt nice at first, but soon I'm missing the warm sun on my back. They are illuminated with a certain joy that is rarely seen anywhere else... At my mom’s suggestion, I walked into Black Belt Academy for my first karate class.

In doing so, Christie admitted that the legislation -- had it been in effect at the time -- would not have prevented the money from going to Snooki.

She spoke at a time when many New Jersey politicians were angry about the idea that it costs money to bring big names to talk on college campuses.

Inside the box is a sixty page-long score of music that is unique to me, written by a little-known composer.

It was a combination of luck, determination, and a tremendous amount of time spent on countless Google searches that brought the score to me.In order to further advance their academic careers while at the same time providing a space for students’ enjoyment, I would create an It’s Academic Club...My father once said to me, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” He recalled hearing Tom Brady say this a few years back (although I think Tom may have borrowed it from Seneca, a first-century Roman philosopher).I’ve more often heard it stated that “Success is when preparation meets opportunity.” This quote, whatever its origin, has always resonated with me, because to me, success seldom comes if you don’t prepare yourself for the opportunities that may lie ahead...Growing up in New York, I was always attracted to the city and the city life, and naturally, I was attracted to attending NYU.My self esteem went up and I was able to socialize with more people at school.I will be able to benefit from the diversity at Rutgers University.The University Honors Residential Community brings together students who strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives, including academically and socially.These students come from different backgrounds and have different experiences, as well as a diverse range of majors.When the time came to visit colleges, I scheduled a number of campus tours and information sessions at various institutions that are well known for their education programs, education being the field I aspire to go into.This included NYU’s Open House on October 12th, 2013...


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