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Generally, letters written by personal or family friends are not appropriate.Letters of recommendation should be written on organization or departmental letterhead.

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Letters of interest/inquiry are inquiries about possible vacancies or a request for an informational interview.

Professional, well-written emails may motivate employers to view your cover letter and resume.

Tell each reference what kind of jobs you will be applying for, and provide them with a copy of your updated resume.

In addition, it is important to keep in contact with your references.

View an example reference page on the last page of our Resume Writing Principles handout.

If requested by the employer, submit a reference page with your application.Using technology during an interview is generally not appropriate and distracts from two-way communication between the interviewer and interviewee.E-portfolio Technology Most web hosting providers offer web design templates which allow individuals to develop their own personalized website or e-portfolio.Prospective employers are not interested in personal references.Make sure you ask each reference for permission to include them on your list.It is wise to choose a variety of people who know you in different capacities and can speak to your different strengths, abilities, and experiences.However, be sure to follow any specific instructions provided regarding who should write your letters (i.e. You might ask a professor in your major, a recent work supervisor, or someone you have worked with in an organization.Professional letters allow you to introduce yourself and highlight unique experiences to make you stand out.This letter not only allows the employer to gain a better understanding of your skills, interest and qualifications, but it also conveys your written communication skills and abilities. Types of Letters Cover/application letters serve as an introduction to your resume.Portfolios are used by professionals throughout their careers to assist in obtaining tenure, promotions, and to organize and illustrate on-the-job ideas that may require documentation, such as project proposals and funding requests.Types of Portfolios Hardcopy Portfolio: The most effective portfolio to use during an interview.


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