Results Of World War I Essay

Results Of World War I Essay-5
Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Children, particularly the very young, suffered loss of identity with no parents to claim them and no family connections.

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The affect of the Great Depression in the decade preceding World War II, left Germany with a valueless currency, huge unemployment and a sense of hopelessness.

Hitler took advantage of this and preached the return of the Third Reich to its former glory.

The disarmament of Germany’s military was required, leaving them with a miniscule army and only six naval ships.

Furthermore they were allowed no tanks, air force or submarines.

With these thoughts in mind The Versailles Treaty was developed.

Ultimately the treaty held Germany responsible for the majority of World War I.

During World War II the leaders of Liberal Democracy, the US, joined forces with the Communist Soviet Union, to break down the Fascist Regime.

When this was completed in line with the end of World War II, it left these two differentiated societies virtually competing against each other for world power.

Territories that Germany had taken control of in World War I were returned to the native countries.

All of these factors began to cause a deep resentment throughout Germany and towards their government.


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