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Last year in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, we introduced some recent nuclear medicine research conducted in Japan.

This was favorably received by European readers in the main.

Ga-labeled PSMA-HBED-CC (PSMA-11) has been recently presented as a novel PET tracer for the detection of PCA recurrence and/or metastases.

Unfortunately, PSMA-targeted PET imaging is not available in Japan yet, but this technique seems to have high clinical impact for the management of prostate cancer. [Ga-labeled PSMA-HBED-CC PET/CT identified PCA lesions even in patients with very low PSA levels.

Positive findings were seen in 44, 79, and 89% of patients with PSA levels of ≤1, 1–2, and ≥2 ng/m L, respectively.

Considering these results, PSMA-targeted PET imaging is not only specific for prostate cancer, but also extremely sensitive compared with the conventional imaging techniques, such as MRI, CT, bone scintigraphy, and FDG PET.Just at the most recent annual meeting of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine 2016, Kyoto was selected as the host city for the 2022 Congress of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology.We hope that our continuous efforts to strengthen scientific cooperation between Europe and Japan will bring many European friends and a great success to the Kyoto meeting.The diagnostic accuracy of absolute segmental MBF/MFR values was assessed blinded to patients’ clinical data and to visual analysis of PET images, using certain MBF/MFR cut-off values.Inter-observer reproducibility of clinical decisions and the objective performance of MBF/MFR segmental values were also evaluated.Inclusion of AD-related amyloid or tau pathology within the FTLD or DLB group reduced specificity compared with FDG PET.Furthermore, it is useful to discriminate FTLD or DLB, particularly with analysis using statistical parametrical mapping (SPM) t-maps.These findings suggest that the effects of remote pathology on PCC hypometabolism decrease and the effects of local pathology increase with progression from the preclinical to clinical stages of AD.Some functional MRI reports [] described a link between amyloid pathology and disrupted network connectivity, suggesting that a decrease in the remote effect may have resulted from the disconnect, due to the local amyloid load in the PCC.This year we wish to focus on the Annals of Nuclear Medicine on some of the fine nuclear medicine research work executed in Europe recently.In the current review article, we take up five topics: prostate-specific membrane antigen imaging, recent advances in radionuclide therapy, [I).


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