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The mean household income for husbands in the analysis was ,000.“I think many Americans think, based on the popularity of shows like 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' that stay-at-home mothers are the preserve of the rich.It is in the middle class where married mothers are most likely to go to work: They typically earn enough to make the cost of child care feasible, and may choose work to get further ahead financially.

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High-income couples can afford to choose whether both parents work or one stays home with the kids.

They can decide whether the family will benefit most from mom working or staying home to be with the children.

But this report shows that SAHMs (stay-at-home mothers) are more common among both the well-off and the poor," said W.

Bradford Wilcox, a senior fellow at the institute and visiting scholar with the American Enterprise Institute.

Among married couples, the report notes that in about half of families with children, both parents work, though not necessarily full time.

For some low-income women, it's not really a choice because they can't afford to have other people taking care of their kids.

It makes more economic sense for them to stay at home — and I am sure that some want to," Wang said.

The 2018 Global Family & Gender Survey from the Institute for Family Studies and Wheatley Institution reached a similar conclusion.

SALT LAKE CITY — Among married moms, the wealthy and the poor are more likely to join the ranks of stay-at-home moms than are middle-class moms.

But the reasons behind the decision to work for pay outside the home rather than stay home with kids varies greatly between the have-lots and have-nots.


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