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A Data Warehouse is a computer system designed for archiving and analyzing an organization's historical data, such as sales, salaries, or other information from day-to-day operations.Normally, an organization summarizes and copies information from its operational systems to the data warehouse on a regular schedule, such as every night or every weekend; after that, management can perform complex queries and analysis on the information without slowing down the operational systems.In areas other than data mining, concept hierarchy is commonly called taxonomy.

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The impact of hyper-converged infrastructures on IT has been profound.

In fact, 85% of respondents to a recent ESG survey already use or plan to use a hyper-converged solution in the coming months.

The "build-or-buy" decision between construction and colocation should be weighed carefully.

This executive report will review six key factors that affect that choice, some of which extend beyond a basic TCO analysis.

To help align their strategic and business goals with their use of technology, Nissan chose Red Hat JBoss BRMS to replace their legacy system.

Software-defined infrastructure is no longer the future. In this hyperconvergence overview, we provide a quick overview of what hyperconvergence is and how data center architectures benefit.

IT planners are increasingly turning toward Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) solutions to simplify and speed up infrastructure deployments, ease day-to-day operational management, reduce costs, and increase IT speed and agility.

HCI consists of a nodal-based architecture whereby all the required virtualized compute, storage, and networking assets are self-contained inside individual nodes.

These nodes are, in effect, discrete virtualized computing resources in a box.

However, they are typically grouped together to provide resiliency, high performance, and flexible resource pooling.


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