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You believe that in overall, women applicants are more likely to get the job than men applicants, but that this varies by the number of women already in the department the person applied to.

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There are two reasons why theoretical frameworks are important here.

First, no matter how little you think you know about a topic, and how unbiased you think you are, it is impossible for a human being not to have preconceived notions, even if they are of a very general nature.

In those kinds of studies, the theoretical framework must be very specific and well-thought out.

Surprisingly, theoretical frameworks are also important in exploratory studies, where you really don't know much about what is going on, and are trying to learn more.

Variation in the dependent variable is what you are trying to explain.

For example, if we do a study to determine why some people are more satisfied in their jobs than others, job satisfaction is the dependent variable.

Of course, sometimes, for a given sample of people, there might not be any variation on some attribute.

For example, the variable 'number of children' might be zero for all members of this class.

It's still a variable, though, because in principle it could have variation.

In any particular study, variables can play different roles. Usually there is only one dependent variable, and it is the outcome variable, the one you are trying to predict.


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