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It is more concise (shorter), more direct, and stronger.The passive voice, in this case, is unnecessarily wordy and clunky.

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The following guidelines and examples should help you in choosing between active and passive voice.

In this very simple sentence, the active voice is the better choice.

If you are undecided, try rephrasing the sentence in the active voice and asking yourself whether it changes the meaning of your sentence or simply makes your writing clearer or more concise.

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Again, as in Example 1, the authors of this article are emphasizing aspects of their methodology, one of which is their software choice.

Thus, their use of the passive voice is acceptable and appropriate.Absolutely recommended to anyone and would gladly do business with client again! Took advice and amend as required not much amending was required purely cosmetics.well pleased and was completed in a timely manner very professional.The first option is grammatically correct, but some researchers/writers and journals prefer to avoid the use of the first person.(Learn more about which person to use when writing.) Choosing the passive voice is an easy way to avoid having to make a decision about using the sometimes-questionable word “we.”Active option 2 – which uses the third person (“the researchers”) – is grammatically correct but sounds a bit awkward.Each section has a different goal and set of emphases, and you can adjust your use of active vs. You might choose to use the active voice in your conclusion if you want to emphasize the contributions, results, or accomplishments of your research.In this case, the active voice is the stronger, preferable choice. It clearly states what the authors have contributed in their article.The literature review section of a paper often seeks to delineate the most important contributions in the field, which makes actors/agents/authors important.In the example above, the active sentence reads much more clearly and concisely. passive voice may depend on which section of your article you are writing.The use of active or passive voice is a fundamental distinction in English, and one that causes trouble for many writers – including native English speakers!Growing up in American schools, students are often taught that they should avoid the passive voice because it is “weak.” However, the choice between active and passive is actually quite nuanced.


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