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Another chore lifted off people’s minds is remembering daily tasks. For younger generations, it’s hard not to depend on technology since it’s a tool they have grown up with.

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Reliance on technology is often seen as progress as it makes human life more comfortable. Simple everyday chores to complex operations have all used technology in some form.

This takeover of human tasks by machines is necessary to become an advance species that can focus its intellect on matters that are beyond simple tasks.

Technology should always be embraced and it is natural for human beings to innovate and make newer tools and methods to solve problems.

The statement that reliance of technology would in some way contribute to the deterioration of human thought is unfounded and is not based on any facts.

Technology should be made available to everyone and for every task.

An example would be the use of computers to perform calculations and different tasks.On the contrary, ability to think could only benefit from this dependence on technology. On the other hand we need to rely on technology for our very survival, in the future it would become an absolute necessity to depend on technology for survival as tasks that are beyond human physical and mental scale become routine such as living on a new planet or living in a hostile environment on Earth.Could we have gone into space without the use of technology? It is not fantasy that someday we would need to leave Earth and go elsewhere it is just a matter of time.A phone breaking or a computer system crashing can cause people to lose calendars, pictures and important documents and contacts.Technology is a great tool to make life easier, but it should be used in moderation to prevent complete dependence.Although the computer can calculate it does not impact the ability of humans to do the same.It only complements the human ability and helps achieve unimaginable precision in many tasks.Be observant of how much you rely on technology to get through the day.Providing 133,000 results in 0.26 seconds, Google reports that the name of the giraffe is Melman. By Tom Stankewicz The question of whether people are too dependent on the Internet automatically puts a negative connotation on the growing use of this convenient and practical resource.Human ability to think is beyond the grasp of machines as of now and would probably remain that way for long.There is no inherent danger of technology rendering human thought useless.


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