Rabbit Proof Fence Film Review Essay

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Molly's mother tells her about these stories, in which they call "Dream...

The film Rabbit Proof Fence is reminiscent of a war story as the country has been invaded and taken over.

This is effectively achieved through the use of a visual and oral medium as it allows the director to use empathetic language thus allowing the audience to enhance the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person’s feelings.

There are many techniques used to enable the audience to embrace this perspective.

The viewer soon finds themselves on the children’s side, in their shoes and identifying with them, the viewer takes on the perspective of the stolen generation.

Carmel Bird has used a written text that contains a report of separate oral accounts of the indigenous peoples past she seeks to detail the differing situations and outcomes of these people.The decisive moment in the chase that structures Rabbit Proof Fence is the confusion between two rabbit proof fences.The girls have unwillingly found themselves on the wrong fence this mistake miraculously saved them from being recaptured by Mr Neville.The invaders are taking away the children and placing them in camps.Only three manage to escape on their epic journey home they must cross through enemy occupied territory, never knowing friend from foe.The director uses film techniques to manipulate the audience’s perception to his liking.During the emotionally charged scene where a local policeman tears the girls from their mother’s arms, Phillip Noyce uses ground level camera angles that keep up with the action, furthernore emersing the audience in the traumatic action.He has symbolised home by repeatedly showing images of the Spirit Bird and the Rabbit Proof Fence, since it is a connection to their home.The movie shows Molly's determination to get home and back to her family by escaping from Moore River and finding her way back home to her country, Jigalong.At the beginning of the film, it is shown how Molly's family hunt for food and use their bush skills in their culture, to survive in their home land, while speaking their own language, doing what they do in their community.Their community have their own civilisation and get taught their own lessons of their past generation of stories.


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