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However Sartre did not use a typical depiction of hell that we would expect he however made hell seem like a place of luxury, with a valet and also there was a big bronze antique ornament in the center of the room on a mantel piece this represented the existential ideals that man is the ultimate torture of each other.There was also no windows and no mirrors so they would not be able to see themselves but they could see each other.It is from our experiences in this objective world that we are able to create our essence which is a reflection of our purpose.

He was a French philosopher which supported the ideas of existentialism.

He used a one act play called No Exit as a metaphor for his philosophy.

The members of the room soon realized that they were all linked in some way.

Inez then figured out that they were not going to be physically tortured but in fact they would torture each other.

In his play No Exit, Sartre has three main characters; Garcin, Inez and Estelle.

His three main characters have received the same fate because of their actions in their previous life on earth this fate was eternity in hell.He also believed that it is from our experiences in this objective world is where we derive our values.The aspect of no predetermination in existentialism means that how our lives will end is solely based on our actions and will determine our personal identity and fate in the afterlife.The first person to arrive in the area was Garcin he was shocked to see the environment that he was placed it and took it quite nicely until he came into contact with the other two ‘roommates’ Inez and Estelle.At first they were all Inez was the last person to die and the first person to explain to the other persons what her past life was about.This play summarized his perspectives on the essence of human beings.Existentialism is a philosophical perspective which attempts to explain human existence and experience.Although their situation varied in the past life because of their choice in actions they all ended up with the same fate.Garcin and Estelle however refused to recognize their existing condition which was being dead in hell.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.


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