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In 15 years, the world would have changed, and Singapore should too.Yet, instead of a disorganized focus on tackling future problems as discrete incidents, I believe a unification of our motivations under the Singapore Dream can shape our society to be future-ready and dynamic, and still happy and proud to be Singaporeans under any circumstances.

In 15 years, the world would have changed, and Singapore should too.

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Let me begin by proposing the vision I have for the Singaporean Dream.Such a vision is dear to my heart – it’s here where our society can resonate.Then, with that, our country can face the future and the 15 years after that with the very hope and strength our forefathers had.Reading through it, I remember how strongly I felt and still feel about the idea of a Singapore dream. What kind of Singapore would you like to see in 15 years’ time?The American Dream is often quoted as the driving force behind America’s innovative economy.Every vibrant society has an ethos and culture that drives it.Yet for Singapore, that form of pride and culture is not as pronounced as I wish it to be.I myself have benefitted much from such adventures, though limited.Singaporeans aspire to become different from each other, but still united in their community – giving back to the “home” that nurtured them.So 3 years ago, I wrote into PSC for their scholarship applications and I wrote this as my piece.Was pulling out some essays to share with my alma mater on request and came across this again.


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