Proposed Research Plan

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In Surface Plasmon Resonance, collimated white light is shot through a prism where it hits a gold slide treated with biological molecules.

By employing a multiphase complex Fresnel calculation, one can calculate the changes in the index of refraction of ultrathin organic layers on the surface of the slide (2,3).

Because your audience, being comprised of people from various backgrounds and with diverse biases, has a highly critical and inherently more subjective perspective on your research, your proposal must be more welcoming and readable than a journal article.

The terse verging on mechanistic style of an article has to be smoothed into an enjoyable (yet convincing! Remember that your readers are sifting through sometimes hundreds of proposals and will likely spend less than an hour deciding the fate of your grant request; if your proposal is dense and unpleasant to read, they won’t bother spending more time than necessary trying to decipher it.

Don’t be afraid to use the ideas provided for you in the RFP instructions to state explicitly in which ways your research goals overlap with theirs.

Don’t make the readers infer the connection themselves! Acumen Your second major goal is to convince your funders that both you and your research plan are worth funding.In your experimental approach section, however, you should start to address a true expert audience.By including proper details and using formal scientific language—skills reviewed in our section on Addressing Your Audience here—you can fully demonstrate your own expertise in the area.The first is to address a more general audience when first introducing your ideas and providing background information.Some of the ways you can accomplish this are to 1) define more acronyms and other terms you might normally assume are known by a more expert audience and 2) use graphics to help illustrate more complex ideas.We will address how to make your proposal approachable and welcoming in our Style and Conventions section, below.Everything you include in your proposal should contribute to the goal of persuading your potential funding agency that they should fund your work.With this aim you are addressing a broader audience, so be sure to express the impacts of your work in broadly accessible language.Even if your particular results will be small in the scope discovering planets or of curing cancer, their implications should be large.DNA microarrays created on gold surfaces can be used for a variety of purposes, including DNA-DNA, RNA-DNA, and protein-DNA interactions at extremely small, nanomolar concentrations (1).The fabrication of microarrays allows for a myriad of applications, including genetic analysis, clinical analysis, and immunoassays.


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