Problem Solving In Algebra With Solution

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This way, you won’t have to try to remember what each variable is that you’re solving for, or whether you’re multiplying or dividing by two in the next equation.You can concentrate on each small task within the algebra problem, and then put the pieces together at the end.

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For example, will the answer be in miles, feet, ounces, pesos, dollars, the number of trees, or a number of televisions?

When you’re solving algebra word problems, it’s smart to have a plan of attack ready to follow.

To do this, I simply inverted each value for "hours to complete job": My first step is to list the times taken by each pipe to fill the pool, and how long the two pipes take together.

In this case, I know the "together" time, but not the individual times.

When you read through the entire problem, you’ll have a better chance of noticing any variables that are given and any that you need to solve for.

These keywords can go a long way in helping you determine how to set up the algebra equations.If algebra word problems are giving you trouble in class, working with a private math tutor can help you keep up with the math topics.A private tutor will be able to give you the personalized attention necessary to work on the concepts in algebra or other math courses, and work at a pace that is just right for you.The method of solution for "work" problems is not obvious, so don't feel bad if you're totally lost at the moment.There is a "trick" to doing work problems: you have to think of the problem in terms of how much each person / machine / whatever does Since the unit for completion was "hours", I converted each time to an hourly rate; that is, I restated everything in terms of how much of the entire task could be completed per hour.When you have read through the entire word problem, you will want to go back through and underline anything important.This might include the keywords you’ve just found and any variables, as well as what your solution needs to be, so that you can set up the proper algebra equations.When you’re solving an algebra problem in your head, you won’t have any way to go back and walk through your solution again if you missed a step.On the other hand, if you write down each step while solving the problem, you can retrace your steps and make sure your answer is correct.Many of these problems are not terribly realistic — since when can two laser printers work together on printing one report?— but it's the technique that they want you to learn, not the applicability to "real life".


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