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To meet these spiritual ends, man needs practice as means.Practice, can be defined as taming one’s mind soul and body to certain activities uniformly aimed at achieving certain requirement more smoothly and satisfactorily.This universal satisfaction in certain achievement can be defined as perfection.

It is this discrimination that gives birth to determination for practice.

A person with artificial legs practices to walk with or without human support and this practice one day enables him to even run.

Materialistic ends like food, clothing and shelter require means like earning money.

Spiritual ends are perfection of human qualities, which reflects human nature.

When a child enters this world he crawls towards his desired objects but slowly and steadily he becomes so desperate that he wants to get those objects instantaneously and slowly, he realizes that he has to stand up on his legs and walk to reach his goal.

This intention compels him to practice walking and, if needed even running which he realizes as an improvement in reaching new vistas through which a person can find an answer that is more suitable and appropriate.

Practice is an exercise and mantra, which tunes both our physical and mental entities to the required frequency that leads us to perfection.

In this faith is one such kind of cohesive force, which brings both the entities together.

By supplementing this with planned practice anyone can achieve his goals in more comprehensive manner. Ambition compels human beings to practice day in day out to see their ambitions, fulfilled.

Practice is one such kind of tool which sharpens human abilities and capabilities beyond their capacities in pursuit of goal.


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