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Only in the end I started to look for a connection between the background and the tablecloth by using the same brush marks.

I think I acted accordingly to the instructions, because i concentrated on the colour accuracy of each object, but less attention on the bowl.

Exercise: Still life with flower For this exercise I set up a vase with flowers, and after doing some sketches I tried to paint still life with the flower. However, with the pink flower petals, I made it look very flat and not very 3-dimensional.

I probably made a mistake with my observation because I wanted to present all flowers in a real colour.

After doing this exercise and finding the neutral grey it can be said that it looks different on a white background and different on a dark background.

This was similar in the primary and secondary colour mixing where the identification of colours was dependant on the pigments in the paint I used, I only had a limited amount of colours so this made the exercise more difficult.I am not really sure how to use this scale in practice as after doing the next exercise comparing colours I have come to the conclusion they appear to have a different temperature and appear differently on the canvas.I think that in expressionist or impressionist painting all tertiary or broken colours are made accidently and you see these colours when two or three complimentary colours are mixed.I can learn from that exercise how to appear some colour or some colourful objects to the first plan on the canvas making most visibility and bring most attention for the audience, make stronger specific mood.Exercise : Colour accuracy In this exercise I painted a couple of onions, apples, a lemon and a bottle of wine.You can also see a difference in colour depending on what background it is on in the case of the colours.The exercise broken or tertiary colour was much more interesting as I managed to get a wider scale of tertiary colours.I tried to find a connection between the background and the cloth.I used the same palette and the same brush marks, but i concentrated on that the man made objects differ from the background Project Colour relationships When I did that exercise, I was influenced by optical art work such as Bridget Riley and I think about this exercise like a scientific experiment.I should have added darker colours to the palette, but if I did I think it would look like a different flower.Exercise: Still life with natural objects For this exercise I used some tomatoes, apples, and cauliflower.


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