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In addition it is important to keep in mind that most Disney movies are pretty timeless.

It is also important to notice that out of all the body parts the producer could have chosen to use as their example they used the butt.

This obviously is a sexualized body part and objectifies the women more than if they were to have chosen the stomach.

At first glance it seems like a sweet scene about a young girl who is ready for the first time to start liking boys and find her first love.

The older girls are talking about femininity and what a woman needs to do in order to be considered feminine and have men like her.

Without really analyzing the ad the reader automatically assumes that the product is a tool to help them look better based on the background of the producer/company. The audience knows that this is the purpose of the ad so they are able to view the image through the lens that it is supposed to persuade them of something so they are able to think more critically about it and not fall for subtle messages.

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On first impression this ad doesn’t seem to have anything wrong with it.

The choice of butt suggests that the women are hoping to be more confident around men where as the example of a flat stomach would have appealed more to women and their confidence with each other.

Summer Magic Source Info: Summer Magic, 1963, Walt Disney This movie has a very wide audience because it is a Disney movie and Disney is usually enjoyed by people of all ages.

This makes the audience more susceptible to ads like this one because the readers see it as an opportunity to take control of their body image. Slim Fast is a company that makes protein shakes designed to replace meals and help women lose weight.

This influences the way readers view the ad because they know that Slim Fast has a history of making products primarily for women so they assume this product must be geared towards women who need to lose a little weight.


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