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Poetry Comparison Essay Plan-13
However, the essay plan can be more difficult to use on some questions and therefore should be manipulated to suit.An example of a less suitable question to use the essay plan for is: 1.

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There are many different ways to ensure your essay includes all of the main points but one of the easiest is to use an essay plan.

This allows you to follow a set structure when writing in the exam and ensure you don’t miss anything out.

The poems ‘_poem_’ by _poet_ and ‘_poem_’ by _poet_ main purpose is to entertain the reader.

However, both poems also share a much deeper (message).

In both poems the message of the importance of identity is developed as the poems progress.

This sense of progression is most apparent in ‘Search for my tongue’ through the use of English-Gujerah-English. It begins with a light hearted tone, “standing on one leg”, which suggests that if he is half-caste then he is only half a person. However, this tone is replaces through the argument on the last three lines, “de other half of my story”.

‘_poem_’ use of _______________ for example “_______________” could suggest _______________ This is effective because _______________ In conclusion both poems are very effective in portraying _______________ In my opinion ‘_poem_’ is the most effective because_______________ This may look daunting but the essay plan is incredibly easy to use once you know how.

Here’s a brief outline of how to use the plan for a question from Cluster 1. The title ‘Nothing’s Changed’ is important in understanding the poem.

For example, “Explain yuself” is directly aimed at the audience and by repeating this phrase Agard engages the audience.

This has an almost threatening effect on the reader and allows us to understand the importance of his identity.


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