Plastic Water Bottle Research Paper

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We are impacting the animal cycle, furthermore they are our food source, which will affect us too. Background and Audience Relevance: Everyone including newborn babies uses Plastic bottles. S (2009, October 15) Science, Clean Water “Out of the 50 billion bottles of water being bought each year, 80% end up in a landfill, even though recycling programs exist. Which takes an impact to the plastic trash that travels to what is now a garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean.

(2013, August 26) More endangered sea turtles ingesting plastic, there are almost twice as many endangered green sea turtles swallowing plastic than were 25 years ago, according to an Australia study.

“Unfortunately, we do not currently know the toxicological outcomes of these exposures,” she says.

The notion that plastics are accumulating in our bodies “is uncomfortable and scary,” she says.

In 2010 alone, up to 12 million metric tons were dumped into the world’s oceans, the study found.

Ironically, the volume and variety of plastic-related exposures is another of the major challenges researchers face when attempting to show that these pollutants could be making people sick.

This means the research on microplastics and health will likely always be correlational in nature or taken from animal and lab models, he says.

Based on the existing data, vom Saal says we know enough to recognize that we should change how we interact with—and dispose of—plastics.

“A lot of this is a consequence of dumping literally billions of pounds of plastic into the environment,” he says.

A 2017 study found that 79% of all the plastic humans have produced has ended up either in landfills or in nature.


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