Photography Dissertation

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We are noticing that the bulk of photography primarily focuses on significant open sources which take a serious overtone.

I believe that there is also a ‘fun’ side of photography.

This dissertation will examine humour in art photography which involves researching art photography, photographic techniques and subject matter that can inform us as humorous.

Like the work of photographers that displays a sense of humour, the photographs that are humorous, real photography that is funny especially if it takes a couple of beats to figure out is usually quite compelling to view.

Other sources of humour are more easily accessible such as a Grandfather making funny faces at his family or maybe someone like a politician making a cleverly arranged punch line to something he said.

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We find humour everywhere from the television to the supermarket.For the remainder of this dissertation when I refer to humour I am addressing a ‘common’ and ‘universal’ sense of humour that most people can relate to.“DESPITE THE FACT THAT HUMOR PLAYS AN IMPORTANT PART in our lives, there isn’t a lot of literature on the psychology of comedy.“Laughter is part of the universal human vocabulary. Unlike English, Spanish or Swahili, we don’t have to learn to speak it. One of the remarkable things about laughter, is that it occurs unconsciously. While we can consciously inhibit it, we do not consciously produce laughter.That’s why it’s very hard to laugh on command, or to fake laughter.Over the centuries, philosophers have devoted only a small portion of their logic to understanding what laughter means, why we tell jokes, and why we do or don’t appreciate other people’s humor.”[5] Humour has become a part of our daily lives and is also known to be a part of a healthier lifestyle.Laughter serves a social function, several universal language components bring humans together; crying in response to pain, screaming in response to fear, laughter is the universal bonding mechanism.‘We are born with the capacity to laugh’, we smile and laugh unconsciously, laughter is a message we send to others.Laughter is thought to be a type of rhetoric to some individuals, smiling sends out the message that it is safe to relax, safe to play.(Don’t take my word for it: Ask a friend to laugh on the spot).Laughter provides powerful, uncensored insights into our unconscious.


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