Phd Thesis Proposal In Strategic Management

Phd Thesis Proposal In Strategic Management-84
This course is an overview of basic quantitative analysis in social science aiming to equip Ph D students with skills to conduct statistical analysis.After completing the course, students are expected to learn the basic logic of statistical inference; have some hands-on experiences in data analysis, and moreover have the foundation to pursue more advanced statistical methods, either by taking courses or by learning on their own.To broaden and sharpen students’ understanding of qualitative field work and analysis, the seminar will be organized in terms of three specific goals: (1) to provide a critical appreciation for the field work/ethnographic/qualitative tradition in the social sciences; (2) to acquaint students with qualitative, ethnographic methods and associated issues and debates; and (3) to instruct students how to conduct field research that is descriptively interesting, theoretically illuminating, and ultimately publishable.

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Every doctoral student must submit a brief proposal of the topic of his/her doctoral research as part of the study program application.

The Postgraduate Study Committee assigns the mentor to the student based on this proposal.

Topics include data acquisition, classification, and summarization; basic probability; random variables and their distributions; confidence intervals and tests of hypotheses for means, variances, proportions from one or two populations, chi-square, and multiple regression.

Students will also learn how to operate these methods by using SPSS or STATA computational software.

In the second study year, every student must prepare a scholarly article, appropriate for publishing in an international journal for scholarly practitioners.

The article is, in principle, prepared based on the doctoral research.It will offer grounding in the theoretical discussions on appropriate business responses to these challenges and their possible connection to successful business operations and strategy, together with an opportunity to consider emerging practices of Corporate Responsibility.Participants will be expected to make connections between the ideas discussed and their own business environments.As a result, the participants will understand ways in which knowledge is constructed in the social phenomenon of organizations and in the practice of consulting and personal development, as well as how such knowledge is used to influence learning.The course also allows the participants to appreciate the ethical aspects of influencing within the organization, taking into account individual, organizational and contextual perspectives.In the first study year this work is primarily focused on literature review and preparation of the doctoral research proposal, in the second year it is focused on additional literature review, preparation of detailed research model, preparation of research protocol and on carrying out the research, while in the third and fourth study years it is focused on data analysis, preparation of conclusions, writing of the thesis and preparation of defense.The mentor monitors the course of work on doctoral research based on the regular reports prepared by the student, based on personal communications and based on presentations in research seminars.This document includes the definition of a narrower research area, set of research questions, basic literature overview, starting hypotheses, as well as the proposal of the research methodology and research design.The doctoral student publicly presents the doctoral research proposal by the end of the first year of study.The course addresses the role of research in the context of what is going on in the wider world; we do this by taking two distinct perspectives.From the ‘outside-in’ we consider the main challenges facing the world, their impact on business and management, and the demands for research.


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