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Once you get there click on Prospective Graduate Students.You can also submit an on-line application at this site. It is recognized that application fees can become prohibitively expensive and can be waived in special circumstances.Required score = 600 Required score = 600 paper-based; 250 computer-based. Admitted students must take VA English Language Proficiency Exam upon arrival.

Once you get there click on Prospective Graduate Students.

Most students are not aware of the fact that graduate programs do not admit an unlimited number of students each year.

Rather, only 2 to 4 students are offered admission for a given program within the department each year.

All of our programs are pretty intensely research-oriented.

If you were more interested in professional training in a counseling direction, you probably wouldn't be happy here. Once you have decided on an area, the next task is to figure out which faculty member you might like to work with.

The DEADLINE for submitting a request for a fee waiver is December 11 at 5 p.m. You should focus your thinking on why you want to go to graduate school and what you would do once you are here.

Your personal statement should convince the review committee that you know what you want to do while at graduate school.One other thought - money should not be an issue if you get over the admissions hurdle. An applicant would want to be sure that he/she would apply to a graduate school within that five-year period.We only admit students we can support (at a fairly meager level) once they are here. Application Application fee Unofficial GRE scores 3 letters of recommendation Unofficial transcripts from previous schools There are no particular Psychology course requirements, but having experience will make your application better. If it is longer than five years, scores are not reportable and the applicant would need to retake the examination.The first thing you need to do is think about what you want to do in graduate school.Our department is divided into seven areas (clinical, cognitive, community, developmental, neuroscience and behavior quantitative, and social) and admissions are run almost entirely separately by area.If other applicants' ranked higher than you in these categories, then they were selected for an interview.Please do not be misled, there are several students who do not receive offers of admission that we would love to admit into our program (and you may be one of these).The Department of Psychology's clinical program is geared more toward research and teaching, but you can also be licensed to practice.The Curry School of Education's clinical program is geared more toward practice.However, given that there is a limit on the number of students each area can accept each year, we are left with the burden of selecting only the top 3 to 4 candidates out of an extremely large pool of applicants.I hope this information clarifies the admissions process for you.


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