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Standard uniforms are unproven deterrents to student violence; are a "Band-Aid" to cover up the real problems faced by children and teens; and they violate students' right of self-expression, depriving them of their search for identity.There is something comforting about school children and teenagers dressed in pleats and plaid.Though self-expression is undoubtedly important in a democratically-regulated education system, there are also democratic policies that citizens need to follow in order to be respected citizens.

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From this viewpoint, if all students wear identical clothes, a reduction in humiliation will occur in comparison.

Another point to consider is the way varied clothing detracts teenagers from gaining inner knowledge.

Some students have parents with high incomes who can afford to buy fashionable and costly clothes for their children.

But there are also those teens who are forced to buy low-cost outfits at discount retail stores.

My speech may be good for those who are thinking about schools with uniforms.

List a possible presentational aid: Powerboat List supporting materials (examples, statistics, or testimony) to be Incorporated: I will use statistics from various sites such as “A case study of the effects of adopting school uniforms in Long Beach, CA which appeared In Psychology Today in September, 1999, reported the following effects from the switch to uniforms in 1995: Overall, the crime rate dropped by 91% , School suspensions dropped by 90% , Sex offenses were reduced by 96% ,liniments of vandalism went down 69% . The fear of being Judged or bullied based on your clothes.

A common occurrence during this phase is individuals vying to look original—to appear different than the ‘crowd.’ Our appearance, clothes, and style is one of the most efficient ways to express our uniqueness.

These facets of expression aid others in reaching an understanding of who we are, and why.

As of 2013, 21 percent of public schools have mandatory uniform rules and the states of Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois have more school uniforms in public schools than other states.

List emotional appeals to be used: Possible Introduction Material: Capture attention Introduce topic and thesis Create audience connection/listener relevance, stress importance Establish credibility 1 OFF Preview mall pilots Tentative Main Points and Sub-points in the Body of the Speech, written in full ententes: (For Monomer’s, include the need, satisfaction, and visualization steps here.


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