Persuasive Essay Not Drinking Driving

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Transition: Let's begin by talking about why teenagers should not have alcohol. As you can see on this survey from the George Mason Univ. in 1997, alcohol was involved in more than two-thirds of all the campus incidents last year that occurred in residence halls. Transition: Now that I have explained why teens should not have alcohol, I will explain to all of you why teens are not responsible...

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Not only is drinking and driving against the law, it's among the most dangerous things you could do.

Alcohol inhibits your ability to think clearly, which negatively impacts your ability to pay attention and make safe driving choices.

If the law isn't enough of a deterrent, a clear understanding of what can happen when you drink and drive could be enough to discourage this reckless behavior.

Approximately 112 million adults reported drinking and driving in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When all of these factors come into play, it makes for one dangerous and distracted driver.

When you aren't able to pay attention to the cars around you, you're more likely to get into a car accident.

Many drunk drivers get into one-car accidents and seriously injure or kill themselves. In many other cases, they collide with other motorists, often seriously injuring or killing them.

In 22.3 percent of all car accidents causing driver death, the driver had a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more, according to U. According to the "Journal of Political Economy," 53.2 percent of fatal car accidents involved one drunk driver and one sober driver.

Consuming too much alcohol impairs your ability to use your common sense and think long-term, according to Drinking And

Having too much to drink also slows your reaction time and makes it difficult for your brain to process information.


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