Persuasive Essay Factory Pollution

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“Causes, Effects and Solutions of Air Pollution—Conserve Energy Future.” Conserve Energy Future.

“Environmental Pollution, Its Sources and Effects.” Environmental Pollution, Its Sources and Effects.

Pollution is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world today.

All the countries are adopting more and more laws on pollution reduction.

Still, governmental actions cannot guarantee the complete elimination of this problem.

The main thing is to make all the ordinary people understand the importance of this issue and to make them respect the environment they live in.Examine the opportunities I offer, and assemble you own speaking text based on the sample series of reasons below. Sharpen your persuasive communication skills and judge the conditions for protection. Let them support coastal volunteer operations to remove and prevent debris. What are the predictions of meteorologists regarding the reported weather and climate changes? Is it possible to stop the rise of the sea level anyway?That logic reasoning process in the end will result in a nice and substantial blueprint, and a sample argumentation scheme for a debate on good persuasive environmental speech topics. Marine debris and microplastics – More and more are our ocean, seas, lakes and rivers polluted. The mixture of all pollutants including agriculture releases a lot of contaminants into the air that has led to the destruction of the ozone layer in the atmosphere.The use of agricultural pesticides, nitrates, and the nuclides has a damaging effect on food, forage, fiber and forest crops.Some gases in the atmosphere are very harmful to plants.They include sulfur dioxide which gives plants injuries that make them change their coloring matters and ammonia which makes the vegetation around experience slow growth and makes them appear bleached, necrotic lesions and irregular.Excessive Use of Natural Resources Leads to Depletion In The End. Spent nuclear fuel that is stored temporarily at power plants, also known as interim storage. The control of the risky transportation of radioactive materials. The final storage and disposal, to protect future generations from potential threats.1. Note that each of them could be used as single persuasive environmental speech topics for a debate or essay: The Disadvantages of Intensive Farming. Nuclear reactor complexes, and also hospitals and research departments of industrial corporations produce low level waste. It is considered as hazardous during at least thirty years and have to be isolated for three to five-hundred years from now.1. Increasing population and the use of motor vehicles has played a bigger part in air pollution.Although most can argue that this pollution is only seen in the urban setup it’s also witnessed in rural areas.


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