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The review document is available in several formats: docx , odp , pdf Students document their responses to the following questions and readily report these in class: Note: Faculty members can choose to use an abbreviated list of items for students to focus on while reviewing articles, news, or other multimedia content.For example, the students may be required to focus on identifying the main idea (purpose), the assumptions, and the inferences.

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Critical thinking is a discipline that will help you make better decisions in these challenging circumstances.

It takes work to develop critical-thinking skills, but critical thinking itself is no more difficult than uncritical thinking.

It defines specific cognitive skills including metacognition.

It can be used across various disciplines and departments, allowing students to utilize the framework in all of their classes, extracurricular activities and outside the dental hygiene school environment.

During class discussions they may have trouble separating out the author's facts, assumptions, conclusions, implications, etc., for the purpose of reporting their findings.

Students are required to use the following procedure for reviewing their articles.

This resource does not include formal or semi-formal logic.

Ideas such as fallacy theory, syllogisms, and deductive and inductive reasoning are also not covered.

This course will describe the Paul-Elder framework of critical thinking, although there are others.

The Paul-Elder framework is a comprehensive model that offers high quality resources such as online courses and guides.


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