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I am convinced that every parent should start cultivating love for the native country in their kids from the first days of their lives.

Such tasks as reading the book about the heroic people, about the most famous and glorious historical events in the life of a country, about its developing and flourishing is not too difficult, though the results from doing this will be undeniable.

If it is really so, it is not the young men’ fault.

Maybe they simply had not good teachers, didn’t they?

If you want to perform a fit, try to prepare yourself at first by committing not great deeds, but smaller ones.

They are very useful for your country’s developing too. I always wanted to know whether a person is born with some patriotic instincts, or they should be cultivated by those, who took an active part in a child’s upbringing.

A child will get used to live with the thoughts about his country step by step and his egoistic thoughts will give place to the thoughts about the motherland.

A method of upbringing the kids in a patriotic manner should become a good family tradition and be kept thoroughly. A real patriot is more a law-abiding citizen rather than a dreamer, who is planning how to commit a heroic deed and save a country from the aliens’ invasion.

Colleges and universities usually announce Americanism essays as an opportunity for the winners to obtain a scholarship.

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