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The first “right-to-life” movement was not led by grassroots activists, but rather physicians, anxious about their professional status.Before then, physicians had been a largely unregulated bunch, without the institutional or cultural authority to corner the market on healing.

The first “right-to-life” movement was not led by grassroots activists, but rather physicians, anxious about their professional status.Before then, physicians had been a largely unregulated bunch, without the institutional or cultural authority to corner the market on healing.

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Here's a look at abortion from both sides: 10 arguments for abortion and 10 arguments against abortion, for a total of 20 statements that represent a range of topics as seen from both sides.

In March 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump argued that women who had abortions should be punished if abortion were made illegal.

Some historians have suggested that laws against post-quickening abortions were primarily intended to protect the health of the pregnant woman—not fetal life—as it was much more common for women to die during abortions that used instruments rather than herbal abortifacients.

Whatever the rationale, few abortions were prosecuted before the mid-nineteenth century because quickening was so difficult to prove.

Before 1840 abortion was a widespread, largely stigma-free experience for American women.

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During that period, the American legal system used the quickening doctrine from British common law to decide the legality of abortion.Only women themselves could testify to fetal movement.This system of legal but quiet abortions fell apart in the mid-nineteenth century.Women most often used herbal concoctions they had learned from other women, healers, or physicians to cure their “obstructed menses” before quickening.Post-quickening abortion was a crime, but only a misdemeanor.[4] But in the 1960s, some Americans began to demand change from their states.In 1959 the American Law Institute, a group of professionals that put together model legislation, advocated for the liberalization of abortion law.Many argued that women (and rag-tag group of healers who offered abortion) did not have adequate embryonic knowledge to determine when life began.But historians have noted that this medical insight was not a result of any advancements in embryonic knowledge.In fact, there were none during these campaigns.[2] Instead, the fetus was merely a stand-in for a broader cultural project.Here, the movement tapped into concerns over women’s increasing education, autonomy, and the extension of rights, as it reasserted women’s connection to and limitation by their own reproductive anatomy.


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