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Figure 7 This is the organized data with errors for each groups of potato cores.Figure 10 This is a picture of the cup labeled with water and the graduated cylinder.

Figure 7 This is the organized data with errors for each groups of potato cores.Figure 10 This is a picture of the cup labeled with water and the graduated cylinder.

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Cells must tightly control the process of osmosis otherwise they will die. This happens when water moves out of the cells by osmosis.

Without this water there is little pressure inside the cells and the plant can no longer support itself against the pull of gravity.

Figure 9 This is a picture of our independent variables, which is the concentration of the sucrose.

Figure 11 This is a picture of the potato cores after 24 hours in.2 concentration of sucrose on the electronic balance.

Hypothesis: The more hypertonic potato cores are to sucrose solution, the more weight potato cores gain.

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On the other hand, potato cores will decrease in weight when it is hypotonic to sucrose solution.To do this you must pore off the fluid in the cup and use the plastic blue tweezers remove the cores, blot them dry just as you did in the set up phase and final measure them using a plastic weighing tray. Make sure to keep track of the positive and negative changes if they occur.Figure 2 This is a picture of potato cores before getting cut in same sizes.In other words, they allow certain things in and certain substances are not allowed to enter the interior of the cell.The process by which water crosses membranes from regions of high water concentration to regions of low water concentration is called Osmosis.Osmosis is the process whereby water moves across a cell membrane by diffusion.Diffusion takes place when the molecules of a substance tend to move from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration.Research Questions: How does Osmosis affect the weights of object in different concentrations?Introduction: All cells have membranes that are selectively permeable.We realized that the lower the concentration, the higher the potato cores weighed.However, our result was quite off for the potato cores in.8 sucrose concentrations.


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