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In the 100% online program, the field internship begins in the third semester.

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Field placement at a social service agency begins in the third semester of the first year and continues until program completion.

The advanced standing option is available to students who have a BSW or BASW from a CSWE accredited School of Social Work, and allows students to complete the MSW program in just four semesters.

Some social work courses may include abnormal psychology, anatomy and physiology, interpersonal communication, introduction to social problems, and behavior modification.

Some of the courses that are covered within the social work concentration may also be covered by degree programs concerned with counseling, ethics, education, and public health.

Also, many social workers choose to specialize in a specific population or specific work setting. Bureau of Labor Statistics employment in social work is projected to grow faster than the average for all occupations in U. While most people completing online courses in social work end up with careers directly related to the field in some way, the skills gained from these classes can be used in several different areas outside of social work.

You can take specialized certification courses to work with children or family issues, medical or public health issues, mental health or substance abuse issues, or to be placed directly within a school setting. Students will learn aspects of interpersonal communication that can be beneficial for any position that requires working with or around other people, such as management positions, retail, and human resources.The 100% online MSW program in clinical social work offers close interactions between students and faculty and is designed for self-directed students who seek the flexibility and convenience of online learning.Students in this program complete their MSW in three years and classes are held in an asynchronous format, which means that there is not a fixed meeting time.These classes do not typically award students credit and are meant to provide students access to higher education.The social work classes below are much like the standard classes offered at universities and allow students access to real course materials, such as assignments, essays, readings, videos and lectures.While social work is a specialized field, the classes that these students take are found in several different academic departments.For example, students will take courses primarily within the areas of psychology and sociology, but will also explore topics within business, economics, medicine, philosophy, political science, and speech.Advanced standing students begin placement in their first semester, and complete placement over four semesters (16 hours/week).Students will work with the 100% online field faculty to identify an appropriate field placement setting.Just like in a traditional, in-perosn classroom, courses have regularly scheduled assignments and due dates.For the online program, students and faculty interact via threaded discussions and other web-based technologies.


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