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Retargeting ads would be very effective to these online shoppers, which make up roughly 61% of all consumers, according to Experian.Source: Experian Information Solution, Inc ,2012 Based on the infographics above, 14% of abandonment happens because there is no guest checkout.

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Here are more statistics on cart abandonment rate:

The cart abandonment rate is so high that it becomes one of the most important concerns for the internet retailers.

Ultimately, 2.4% of shoppers made a purchase through the abandonment retargeting emails.

We can infer that retargeting emails are an effective way to deal with abandonment rate.

Looking at the same chart from Rich Relevance we can infer that social media is a small channel getting the online shoppers to the sites.

However, the average order value of shoppers from Twitter was the highest among all shoppers, 1.33.

Source: Rich Relevance , 2011 According to, consumers only have the patience to view the first two pages of search engine results pages (SERPs) and a very small percentage of consumers will actually click beyond the first page, though we’ve conducted our own research on search behavior, which suggests that 90% of users regularly check the second page of search results – and that number increases with age.

Source:, 2010 Based on the above findings, we cannot deny the importance of search engines for ecommerce sites. Competing to rank for product keywords on the first page of SERPs, especially the top spots should be a top priority (and major budgeting consideration) for every ecommerce site.

This figure is predicted to grow continually to 0 billion in 2017. 57.3% of online shoppers have an annual household income above ,000, and 77.9% have education level as some college or higher.

Forrester also reports that 53% of people in the US shopped online in 2011 and it is predicted to grow to 58% in 2016, according to the U. Source: Experian Simmons Survey According to Com Score, the top-performing online categories are Digital Content & Subscriptions, Consumer Electronics, Flowers, Greetings & Gifts, Computer Hardware and Apparel & Accessories.


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