Nuclear Energy Disadvantages Essay

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In conclusion, although nuclear technology could be used as a clean and cheap source of energy, I strongly disagree with it.

And then, although nuclear power plants are safe to the environment and cheaper in cost, many people still believe that they are a serious threat to the surrounding areas.

Some countries have tried to manage their nuclear power plants cautiously, but sometimes unexpected events happen and cause a serious effect on the surrounding areas.

Unlike other natural resources such as petroleum or gas , it is highly effective for industrial, transportation and other purposes and it is pollution free.

As it is limitless, there is no question of its being used up like other natural resources like natural gas.

Besides nuclear power needs the utmost and very careful handling, in the case of any indulgence, or any misuse can cause a huge loss of life and property.

For instance, Chernobyl Nuclear Plant hazard affected a huge loss of lives.

Moreover, to control the over-increasing environmental pollution we have to use this technology in every applicable field.

One day we all will be bound to use nuclear power to continue our life when there won't be any natural gas, fuels at all.

However, this power is not available to all walks of life.

Even it is absent in many countries who are searching for an alternative energy source.


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