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An important point to remember when writing this essay is that one is supposed to write about how death affected the speaker or narrator of the essay.The essay should be organized chronologically, meaning, the order in which events occurred or took place.Furthermore, in an effort to draw the reader in, the writer needs to include what the speaker or narrator of the essay is feeling.

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Since I was living with him, my grandfather not only became the most important person in my life, but he was also my best friend with whom I shared my happier times and my sad times.

Each time thoughts of my grandfather crossed my mind, I got a warm feeling in my heart, but all that changed the moment I received the saddest news that completely confused me; the news of my grandfather’s death.

I kept wishing my mother would drive faster and faster towards my grandfather’s house.

As we headed towards his home, the memories of the many happy moments we spent together kept crossing my mind and as the thoughts kept coming, I could not help but to feel some intense sadness as tears freely rolled down my cheeks.

To make things worse, I did not even know that my grandfather was gravely ill because my mom and cousins had chosen not to tell me.

I was sitting for my end-of-semester exams around the same time that he became ill.The story works by obsession, image and transformation.The stranger is a mythic other, lost, befuddled Everyman insisting on trying to get into a room that is no longer his.The day my grandfather died was actually the saddest day of my life.This is because as a child, I lived with my grandfather.It is only when I got to my grandfather’s house and realized that he was neither there to welcome us nor was he anywhere in the house that it truly hit me that my grandfather was indeed dead. A few days later, the time to hold a mass in honor of my departed grandfather came.My family members, neighbors, and family friends met in the local church where several speakers gave emotional speeches of what they could recall about my grandfather and best friend.When I was 16, almost 17 my boyfriend practically died in my arms and I spent the next year almost isolated and studying all the time. Now, should I mention such a thing in the essay or not? If I do write, it will not sound like I want to be pitied at all because I am a strong person, I never gave up the fight and eventually fully recovered and this will probably show in the essay. I have always sworn to myself I wouldn't because I have no intentions at all to use his death as a means to get accepted or anything, but sometimes when I am asked to write about me and my life, it inevitably comes to my mind and... About an hour later, my mother also came, and it was she who clearly told me that my grandfather had actually passed away.Even though my mother told me the sad news with a soothing tone, I still did not believe her.


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