My Favorite Sport Essay

My Favorite Sport Essay-61
There is an action centre called pitch around which the game is played.

When any national or international level cricket game is fixed to play, highly interested people become so excited a week before the start of the game.

Many cricket lovers start booking tickets to see the live and onsite cricket game in the stadium instead of seeing on TV or news.

All the Laws, rules and regulation are maintained by the International Cricket Council and Marylebone Cricket Club.

It is played for Test matches and One Day Internationals.

Bowler attempt to hit the ball away from the bat in order to take a wicket of batsman.

A batsman continues his batting until he gets out by the bowler after doing some fault.

It is played for a very common aim of getting maximum scores and number of runs by both of the teams.

The team wins who get higher score in the end of match.

Small children in India are very fond of this game and generally used to play the cricket in small open place, most probable on the roads or parks.

It is a very simple game if played and practiced on daily basis.


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