My Dad Means Me Essay

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Before my dad was detained, I would go to my parents’ house every morning before taking my son to school and my son would get a kiss and hug from his grandparents and I would get a hug and kiss from my parents. My dad would give my son a blessing and my son would return it. ” I say grandpa is sending him a blessing from his heart. He was devoted to his kids, aiming to mold us into successful adults.

He was at every practice, every game, every performance and parent conference. On Saturday mornings he’d wake up at 5 a.m., after two hours’ sleep, and take the girls to train, running alongside them, or riding on his bike as they ran 20 miles.

Recently, he’d been helping my younger sisters train for the 26.2-mile L. That life ended on February 28 when my mom and dad were driving my two younger sisters to school around a.m.

They dropped off my 12-year-old sister Yuleni first.

My life has drastically changed since February 28, 2017, when my father was arrested by ICE agents as part of President Trump’s effort to fulfill his campaign promise to deport immigrants with criminal records.

While my dad sits in a detention center, I wake up every morning with an upset stomach and a nervous, worrisome feeling.

The we got a phone call from the legal team saying my dad’s deportation had been stopped temporarily.

My dad called us from the detention center and we gave him the news. I felt relief knowing my dad was not being deported, but anxiety at not knowing any more than that. The next day we found out he had been transferred to a detention center in Adelanto, about 100 miles away from Los Angeles.

I was crying and had so much adrenaline going that I felt strangely numb. ” She said “the police, but Dad says they’re ICE.” I told my supervisor that I had to go, and I picked up my sister Jocelyn, who’s 20 and works in the same company as I do. I was crying and had so much adrenaline going that I felt strangely numb. My mom said the police gave her a card with a number on it and told her to call in two hours because he had to get processed first. He almost never cries; he prefers to keep strong for anything that might happen. We didn’t want to leave him but we knew we had to take action fast.

Once I got to the location where the ICE officers had stopped my family, my dad had already been taken. Once I got to the location where they had stopped my family, my dad already had been taken away. When we called they told us my dad was in the basement of the 300 North Los Angeles Street building waiting to be deported. He said he was in a room with a bunch of other guys and heard they would be deported in two hours. Meanwhile my other two younger sisters and mom were at the school they attend, Academia Avance, where a team was gathering to find a solution and a lawyer.


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