My Curiosity Essay

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Then, find ways for the task to become fun, like allowing your creativity and imagination to play in the process.

Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, they are all curious characters.

Richard Feynman was especially known for his adventures which came from his curiosity.2.

That way you can work for many hours and not find your body and eyes getting strained.

Too much stuff within arms’ reach or atop your desk can prove to be really distracting.

Then ensure your computer is always virus-free to saved you the hassle of checks and repairs.

Instances such as these cause stress and will wane your interest to finish the tasks.Try to pick a book or magazine on a new subject and let it feed your mind with the excitement of a new world.You’re bent on finishing the work at hand, and suddenly something comes up.Because there’s no chance of shutting out the world while you’re busy, the decision to stay focused at work is in your hands.It’s about finding the right techniques, knowing your priorities, and sticking to them. Well, here are 15 ways to stay focused at work: Any meaningful task or routine takes a large part of one’s focus.But have them within reach so you can just grab a drink without losing focus on what you’re doing.Take a look at these 15 Best Organizing Tips For Office Organization and Getting More Done for inspiration.Curious people are unlikely to call something as boring.Instead, they always see it as a door to an exciting new world.When you get back to work — boom — you’ve no idea where you left off or why you couldn’t get your mind and heart into it…Ring a bell to you? When you can’t stay focused at work and are become less productive, your valuable time and effort is gone forever.And there goes your momentum and peak of creativity.


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