Mumbai Attacks Essay

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India accuses Pakistani-based leaders of the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist group, or LET, of masterminding the attacks and for providing training and logistical support to the 10 terrorists.

LET, or Army of the Pure, was formed by the Pakistan intelligence service and militants in the aftermath of the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan. Vijay Prashad is chair of South Asian history at Trinity College.

I think Kashmir must be solved because by solving it that will undercut public support and public sympathy for them.

DAN SAGALYN: In 2004, India and Pakistan began a dialog on a wide range of issues, from economic cooperation, and water rights, to Kashmir and confidence-building measures, which are actions aimed at reducing mistrust and fear of attack.

When the British withdrew from India, the native ruler of Kashmir and neighboring Jammu decided to join India, countering widespread expectations that the largely Muslim region would join newly created Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir ever since.

TOUQIR HUSSAIN: Their objectives have gone well beyond Kashmir now.

They have started off in the context of Kashmir with patronage of army and the ISI 20 years ago. They have an emotional support among at least some sections of the population because of service to jihad that they are doing.

There is no program for the transformation of Kashmir, the seizure of power, what they would do — nothing. So Kashmir exists, but I don’t believe that this is really about Kashmir.

DAN SAGALYN: Other analysts see it slightly differently.


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