Mobile Food Cart Business Plan

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If you live in an area with an active farming community you may be able to buy fresh vegetables at a cheaper rate directly from farmers or through farmer's market events.Purchase insurance to protect your catering truck or cart from damage, and to protect your company from liability in case of food-borne illness.Oftentimes with a business plan some of those assumptions can end up needing to be changed on the fly, but the idea of building a business plan and being able to serve your needs is essential.” As Matt tells us, each state has different requirements for what the construction standards are for a legal mobile food unit.

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off the ground — depending on who you are, where you are, and what your goals may be.

When buying a truck, Matt recommends having your builder that the truck will pass code in the location where you’re going to be operating, or you get your money back.

The cost of a food truck varies wildly across the United States, but Matt says in the Bay Area an owner should expect to spend about ,000 on the cheapest end.

If you have employees you will be responsible for reporting their wages and withholding taxes from their paychecks as well.

Keep records of all food and supply purchases so that they can be deducted as operating expenses from business taxes at the end of the year.


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