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By continually improving the policies, both Australians and Indigenous Australians are able to reconcile with one another and as a result, purging of White Australia history may occur.Henceforth, both composers, Arthur Miller and Paul Keating, are able to represent their perspective by emphasising the necessity of purgation of negative elements in order to create a healthy and sustainable community.Also, most poignantly, Cowpathwaithe presents to the audience a visual depiction of Orcas with sickly floppy fin in Seaworld, juxtaposed against that of an epic, inspiration pan of a dozen erect dorsal fins traversing across a red horizon in order to highlight the absolute necessity of purging of false facts that is presented by Seaworld.

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Yet, Keating shifts his tone by addressing his alternative perspective in which, Keating himself as well as the Labour government, would seek to purge the negative history.

Keating’s manipulation in textual forms of anecdote and simile shows that it is through the creation and transformation of policies that Australian governments are responsible for, to achieve sustainable community as a whole.

Keating stated that in Indigenous history, Australians have completely disregarded and paid no attention to Indigenous Australians and thus, reconciliation is needed.

However, reconciliation can only occur through acceptance and catharsis and is particularly emphasised through the use of anaphora and brutal nouns of, Keating accentuates the violence of colonial era administrations with the aim to create pathos and guilt towards responders.

Furthermore, Keating emphasises this particular discriminatory viewpoint with persuasive techniques including rhetorical question in Seaworld presents its Orcas as gentle and loveable pets rather than multi-ton apex predators.

This is particularly shown through Cowpathwaithe’s deliberate use of infantilisation of Orcas through the popular childish colour of pink and blue merchandise as well as advertisements, both focusing on the ‘magical’ experience that consumers will receive.John Proctor has experienced a dilemma as he sees himself as an unworthy and broken man, and not as a martyr.Miller employs stage directions in to notify readers that Proctor perceives himself as a fraud individual who can never be forgiven due to the sins he had previously done.A purging of such individual is essential in order for Salem to survive.This is because around the ‘light’ and ‘civilisation’ of Salem, the to suggest that Salem is a place of evil and danger as well as physical isolation.This is further proven through Miller’s stage direction, in order to create a sense of a sense that individuals such as Proctor, are dangerous to a theocracy.However, Miller allows responders to also perceive the acknowledgement that such obedience and conformity is considered a necessity, particularly in the context of Salem.(1992) is another text that examines both political and ethical consequences of colonial history.This speech advocates that by purging denials, this act will ultimately overshadow Australian history and society.This is juxtaposed against the scene where the documentary reveals that Orcas in true fact, lives over 100 years.As a result, this creates an absolute devastation for not only the trainers themselves, but also the audience, to feel a strong desire to purge out guilt and shame.


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