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Today, it’s 11 different 3-D-world marketing approaches. Just think — you get out of your writing cave, have a drink and a nibble, and meet new people who could help you make more money.

In my mentoring work, I often find myself introducing my mentees to a basic fact of life for freelance writers: If you want to earn more, you’re going to need to market your business aggressively.

Answering Craigslist or Kijiji ads is unlikely to get you $1 a word or $100 an hour gigs.

Entrants will, of course, have to submit their contact information, giving you an instant list of companies that need copywriters. Great way to let the whole town know you’re a writer.

This one doesn’t just get you prospects and a great before-and-after sample, you could tell the local papers and get written up, too.

Presto, you’re building a great marketing list and exposing your name to prospective clients while presenting yourself as an expert. Hold a contest for the worst business Web site and give the winner free home-page content, or write their bio page, or whatever you want to offer.

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(OK, this tip involves a computer…but it’s not social media, so here it is in the 3-D list.) 7. That’s right, think of yourself like any bike shop or car wash would, and promote the fact that you’re a freelance writer everywhere you go! Or take a poll on the most important thing to say on a business Web site, and give the winner a free consultation. Donate an article for a business, or a free brochure.

), but it’s better than nothing and a great way to get exposure. Read a few copies of the journal (you can find most journals at a library) and then read their guidelines. accepts essays as well as poetry and fiction from Sept. The suggested deadline for their Spring 2012 issue, themed Weird Science, is Oct.

Check out this list, and then click around the different departments (Life, Sex, Poetry, etc.) to see what they’re publishing.

Many will say no, but persistence can really pay off here. Create a white paper about the value of your copywriting service, demonstrating the benefits to companies that use you.

Everyone who tries it reports they get new accounts, and that every 10 or 20 calls, they get a “yes.” Give yourself an edge and check out their existing Web site or other materials before you can call, so you can point out specific weaknesses in their current marketing and describe how the materials you’d create would bring address their needs and bring in new customers. Much like the direct mail strategy, this one’s especially great if you want to write white papers for companies. They can be in-person, over the Web, over the phone, you name it. Do you know a business whose products or services you use, who could use Web content?


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