Mcsl-036 Solved Assignment

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Links) Question 4 Block 4) a progani 3035 assembly Language (with proper comments) that accepts fem characters entered using the keyboard.

It checks if all these characters are decimal digits.

Give examples of point numbers (positive as well as negative) assuming the size of the notation to be 8 bits (including sign bit).

Perform the following arithmetic operations using signed complement 8 bit representation.

is the between Single precision and double precision point numbers? Isiah) (d) Assime that a disk has tacks with each track having 64 sectors and each sector is of size 512 K.

is a representation for Zero in single precision standard. A hating the name basement is of size 16 Assume that has four free continuous clusters of 3 sectors each. show the content of FAT after the space allocation to this You may make suitable assumptions.

AL register saline as parameter to a near procedme named BREED, which checks passed ALwlue isaero ornot.

Incasethisralueis ZERO program is terminated1 otherwise same value is returned. Marks) (c) Explain the following in the context essor (6 Llarlaj (i) The supported memory in 3036 is l LIB whereas instruction is only 16 hits (ii) Process in g of Interrupts using Indirect addressing modes of 3085 microprocessor Like Our Facebook Page For Regular Updates SOLVED ASSIGNMENT FOR (a). Why are negative point numbers represented in complement form?

(Please note that the numbers given below are in decimal notation) i) Add and ii) Subtract from 45 Please indicate if it is occurs.

Explain how have you identified the Ans A point number just means that there are a number of digits after the decimal point.


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