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Our grade 7 math class also contains help on all materials you will find in other commonly used textbooks, such as Math Makes Sense grade 7. Therefore, your child can still get the relevant math help from us after switching to the new school.

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The 4 in the number 5,634 is blank times blank than the 4 in the number 12,749. How many times less is the value of the second 7 than the value of the first 7? Well, we already know that the first number is 10 times larger than this number right over here.

So let's think about what they're saying. So the second 7 right over here, that's in the ten thousands place. Fill in the following blanks to complete the relationships between 25,430 and 2,543. So literally, if you divide the smaller number into the larger one, you're going to get 10. So that was the first part of the question, and we are done.

The digits in 25,430 are one place to the blank of the digits in the number 2,543.

If you're seeing this message, it means we're having trouble loading external resources on our website. Unfortunately, she was charged $15 for a late delivery on Tuesday. So if you see that she earns $12 per hour and she worked for x hours. So that's how much she would've made except for the fact that she also had, she was charged, I guess her employer, charges her for late delivery. So this is what she would've gotten paid based on her hourly wage and the number of hours she worked. One of the players, Matthew, scored two more goals than the average per player. Alright, well lets think about the average per player. How many books will Hannah have in her collection after her donation? And we see that the students, the z students plan on together, they each want to donate the same number of books and together they're gonna donate 300 books. Well, if z students together are donating 300, each student is going to donate 300 divided by z. And each student is going to donate 300 divided by z books.

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I’ve been using their services for a year now, and they have never let me down.Get better math marks with our complete Grade 7 Math help, whether it's grade 7 math curriculum for Ontario, B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, or other provinces. Keeping with your class or textbook, our thorough help for grade 7 math help includes topics such as Fractions, Integers, Probability, Expressions, Pythagorean Theorem, Surface area and Volume, and more.If the dentist fills any cavities, an additional charge of 0 per cavity gets added to the bill. If you have no cavities, if n is zero, then you're just gonna pay your . Now we know Matthew scored two more than this thing over here. If the dentist finds n cavities, what will the cost of the visit be? Alright, so we're talking about the cost of the visit. And then you're gonna get an additional charge of 0 per cavity it tells us. So lets see, if you have n cavities it's gonna be 0 times n. But if you have one cavity, you're gonna pay your plus 100 times one. If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.and *.are unblocked. But then she has that late fee that she has to pay. Cause we know that he scored two more than the average player. Now the key here, this might seem a little confusing, but remember, this says Matthew scored two more goals. The average player, the average goals per player is 36 divided by c. So Hannah is going to be left with 127 minus 300 over z books after her donation.- [Voiceover] The price of a visit to the dentist is . So it's gonna be 12 x minus 15 is how much she actually earned this week. So the average is going to be the total number of goals divided by the number of players. So this expression right over here, that will tell us the average, that that's the average goals per player. We’ve been using Study Pug as a reference for the chapters she’s learning in class and we were happy to find that it fits the Ontario curriculum very well.Study Pug allows me to guide my granddaughter through her math class.If you have two cavities, you're gonna pay plus 100 times 2, yeah. There are z students at her school and they each plan to donate the same amount of books and reach a total donation of 300 books. So 127, and I know I just reread it cause that first time I was like, okay wait, is 127 the amount of books that Hannah has or the amount that her school has would be very clear. And we have to figure out how much is she going to donate to her school. She's going to donate her share of books to the school.


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