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In the end she entered local covenant for nuns Beaterio de Santa Clara.In the epilogue dealing with the fate of the characters, Rizal stated that it is unknown if Maria Clara is still living within the walls of the covenant or she is already dead.Kay tamis ng oras sa sariling bayan, Kaibigan lahat ang abot ng araw, At sampu ng simoy sa parang ay buhay, Aliw ng panimdim pati kamatayan.

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His father was refused to be married by his mother because his father’s past and family lineage was discovered by his mother’s family.

In the long run, Elias and his twin sister was raised by their maternal grandfather.

The midi Although Julio Nakpil never called his “Amor Patrio” a kundiman, it could very well have been one, as the words echo the love of country in the traditional kundiman songs, evident from the full text of the song of Maria Clara in its tagalog version.

Buhay ay kay tamis, sa sariling bayan, Doon ang lahat na’y ating kaibigan.

At the end of the novel, he again re-assigned into a distant town and was found dead one day.

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In popular culture, when a priest was said to be like Padre Damaso, it means that he is a cruel but respectable individual.Kung dahil sa bayan, kay tamis mamatay, Doon sa kasuyo ang abot ng araw; Kamatayan pati ng simoy sa parang Sa walang pag-ibig, ni ina, ng Bayan In 1893, Julio Nakpil composed “Amor Patrio”, which he dedicated to Dr. Nakpil used lyrics of the song that Maria Clara sang in “Noli me tangere”, Chapter 23.“Amor Patrio” is a composition for orhestra in five music sheets, but only an excerpt from the 8th up to the 16th music scale has been rendered into a midi file by Ian-James R. Antonio Molina composed “Awit ni Maria Clara”, which became popular with the version recorded by the Tres Rosas Singers for Villar Recording company in the 1960’s.Don Santiago de los Santos, known by his nickname Tiago and political title Capitan Tiago is a Filipino businessman and the cabeza de barangay or head of barangay of the town of San Diego. In the novel, it is said that Capitan Tiago is the richest man in the region of Binondo and he possessed real properties in Pampanga and Laguna de Bay.He is also said to be a good Catholic, friend of the Spanish government and was considered as a Spanish by colonialists.Yakap ng ligaya, yakap ng pighati, Init ng dibdib niya’y paraisong lagi.Inang bayang mahal, di ka iiwanan, Ningas ng ‘yong ilaw walang kamatayan.The 50th chapter of the novel explores the past of Elias and history of his family.In the past, Ibarra’s grandfather condemned Elias’ grandfather of burning a warehouse which lead into the misfortune of Elias’ family.Pagsinta’y matimyas, at napakatamis ng kamatayan man.Maapoy na halik, ang idinarampi ng labi ng ina Paggising ng sanggol sa kanyang kandungan na walang balisa, Pagkawit sa leeg ng bisig na sabik pa-uumaga na, Matang manininging ay nangakangiti’t pupos ng ligaya.


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